Octopus Earbuds Concept By Donghee Suh

What an octopus has to do with an Earbuds? Well, According to Donghee Suh, it appears that his concept was inspired by the suction cup on Octopus’ tentacle. Octopus Earbuds is using some kind of integrated suction cups with the ear tips, so that you can use it to stick on a flat surface like the iPhone rearplate or touchscreen area to manage the cable without the help of additional cable manager.


The Octopus earbuds are fitted with a silicon flap, which retract to become an impromptu suction cup. This ways you can easily wrap the cord around your phone/device and hook on the earbuds to the screen, in a neat fashion.


It’s really a simple solution that should have been produced since long time ago. Glad that Donghee Suh, the red dot design concept winning has brought this idea up to the surface. Hopefully, we can start getting this type of earbuds in the upcoming years.

Source: [YankoDesign]

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