WHILL – Electric Wheelchair Attachment Concept Design

WHILL is a new concept that will turn any average wheelchair into an electric vehicle so that paralyzed people could enjoy a faster movement without sweating and hands workout. This electric wheelchair attachment has a 24-bolt motor that will take power from the built-in lithium-ion battery pack.


People with feet-disability when sat on a wheelchair with WHILL installed could enjoy a nice 12.5mph speed for about 19 miles / 30km. The battery could be recharged and each full recharge would only take about 2 hours.

WHILL looks like an over-ear headphone by design, with the two hubs clamps onto the wheelchair’s wheels to motorized it, while they are connected with a curved control arm where user can use to steers by leaning to the direction they want. According to Tecca, it much like driving a Segway vehicle.


Currently, this WHILL Electric wheelchair attachment is just a prototype. So we don’t have the idea when you can get one for your family who’ve got disability.

[source: tecca][WHILL]

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