Bridgestone Introduces New Air-LessTire With Thermoplastic Resin Structure

Bridgestone unveiled a great concept of tire technology without the need of air support. The tire is using a new type of thermoplastic resin support structure that is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the vehicle along with the driver.


Although the demo on Tokyo Motor Show 2011 is only for a one-driver vehicle, I believe it could be used on a heavier vehicle like a common electric cars once they’ve develop a sturdier structure. Other than the air-less design, the tire has a nice exterio design of a rugged structure, which looks quite amazing and futuristic, but prone to be a good nest for dirt and dust.


There is no further details on how heavy the tire could support at the moment. The one demoed at the show is the 9-inch model, which enough to support vehicle with one driver only. Bridgestone haven’t give any further details whether they will develop the tire for a larger vehicle. You can head on over to Diginfo for more image snapshots and data.

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