Number Pad Film – Turning All TrackPad Into A NumPad [Concept]

Two designers Gong Huachao and Wang Hui has come up with a concept design similar to Magic Numpad where it will turn a touchpad surface into a numpad without having to use additional external USB numpad for our laptop or Macbook.


This design was called Numpad Film, where it’s coming with a thin transparent layer that you can stick it onto your laptop or Macbook tracking pad and turn it directly into a numpad with some built-in application.

The sticker has marking like a numpad where once you’ve activated the application, certain spot on the tracking pad will be associated to the picture on the plastic layer. It looks like nice piece of concept idea, but well… it’s still a concept anyway. However, I believe it could be implemented immediately, as soon as they’ve developed the application.


Quite a few laptops try and include a numberpad into the system but for those few who can’t incorporate it, here is an easy solution! Number Pad Film for Touchpad is this sticker and program combo that turns your regular touchpad into a makeshift number pad. Install the program and select the hotkeys and you are ready to go. I think it’s quite a clever idea, I’ll sign up for one!


[via GadgetsIn][YankoDesign]

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