Flex Lighting LED Film Allows Us To Read on eBook Reader in the Dark

“You are now free to use your e-Reader in the dark” sounds like a great slogan for those who love to read their stuff in dim room. Up to date, if you want to read something on your ebook reader without your room properly lit, you’ll have to equipped yourself with a portable torch or lighting accessories for the ebook reader like a portable lamp or something. Sometimes it’s quite annoying because ebook can’t produce the light itself like what Tablet device could. However, the problem is now solved by a company called Flex lighting because they’ve developed something called Illuminated optical film that will act as the light source for your ebook reader so you can read your ebooks in the dark.


This Chicago-based company promises that the illuminated optical film is going to enhance the reading experience. Their thin film is not only super thin, but also capable of delivery enough illumination from a single LED light source to the entire film surface. The thickness is just 50 micron, the light source is kind of soft glow and won’t give glare to your eyes. Watch the following video for more details:

You can visit Flex Lighting website if you want more information on how to turn your ebook reader into a night-reading gadget.

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