Holga iPhone Lens Kit

If you think iPhone Lens Dial and Olloclip are not your problem solver, you might want to check out this new accessory called Holga iPhone Lens kit for the all-in-one lens packs for iPhone 4.


Unlike the previous two lens kit I’ve mentioned above, Holga iPhone Lens is coming with 10 lenses and filters for your iPhone, so you can snap picture with different styles and effects.

What’s great with Holga iPhone lens kit is the dimension. Unlike iPhone Lens Dial with huge dial and heavy mount, this lens kit is pretty slim with the protective case. you can easily dial the lenses around, and even with the protective case installed, you can still get access to all the function and features though the custom cutouts.



So what kind of lens and filters that you can enjoy with Holga iPhone Lens kit? From the picture above, you can easily figure out some of them being the heart shaped filter, red/green/yellow filter, blue ring filter, holga hole, dual image lens, triple image lens, quadruple image lens and macro lens. It certainly looks good and it’s only $30 to get one.

If you are interested, head on over to Photojojo for more details.

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