Paper-Powered Bio Battery By Sony Could Really Enhances The Future

Have you ever thought that the useless cardboard or paper boxes stored in the warehouse that you want to throw away could be any use at all beside becoming junks?

Well, you can actually use them as a “power plant” in the future because Sony has found a way to pull power out of the paper substrate. They are creating some kind of bio battery using some a special enzyme called “Cellulase” that could be used to devour the paper and produce glucose, while the glucose is used to produce power to generate electricity.


The callulase enzyme was invented by Denmark based Novozymes. The enzyme is acting like a catalyst and it could be reused several times before it can be thrown away. Based on the fact list generated with the research, this type of paper-powered BIO battery could generate up to 18Wh of electricity, which is equal to sum of power found on six AA batteries.

Sony haven’t release the full details of the product that they are going to use this bio-technology. However, they’ve demonstrated on Eco-Products 2011 that this bio battery could be used on Christmas card using a sheet-like bio battery.


Imagine that we can use all of our shredded papers as a mini power plant for our laptop, that would be wonderful as no more paper will be wasted for nothing. :)

[via Winarco]

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