GlowBar: Glowing Crowbar – Looks Creepy For Halloween

Crowbar has been one of the best pick of crime tool to kill the victim on most creepy movies I’ve ever seen. I wonder why, perhaps because it’s easy to get and fatal when hit on the skull. I don’t watch horror, so I’ll just skip that part.

So what GlowBar would give you? GlowBar is a Glowing Crowbar made with high-carbon steel and properly coated with hyper-Phosphorescent powder. No idea how long the creepy green light will goes on in the dark, but it’s indeed quite bright and best for Halloween decoration on next year.


The Glowbar Classic is a genuine forged high-carbon steel wrecking bar with a blinding green glow. Ideal for confusing hoards of zombies, you will never misplace your primary mêlée item in the back of your truck, apocalypse-mobile or HEV suit. Easy to find among inter-dimensional debris.

Using a new Silicate-Aluminium-Oxide-based powder coating, it glows up to ten times brighter than conventional glow-in-the-dark items. What more do you need to know? This is a GLOW IN THE DARK CROWBAR.

This GlowBar Crowbar is available for $79.99USD. Go to MyShoptify for more details.

[via The Cool Gadgets]

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