Innergie Magic Cable Trio: Apple 30-pin Connector, Mini USB and MicroUSB In One

Innergie Magic Cable Trio is especially great for traveler who’ve got themselves with iPHone/iPad and some devices with either MiniUSB and MicroUSB. The reason is because you’ll get three type of connectors from single cord, which save a lot of trouble bringing separated adapter for recharging. The cord is coming with some kind of socket where the connector could fit in. The base connector is a mini USB connector, the second one is microUSB, and the last one is Apple 30-pin.


Now all you have to do is to bring with you a wall adapter that has USB port. We have seen many this type of USB adapter for recharging, so it won’t be hard for you to find one in the store.

Innergie Magic Cable Trio is only $20 a pop. Remember, each cable can only charge one gadget at a time. So consider getting two or three of them if you are not sure how many gadget you’ll bring along with your travel.

[via TechChee and Gizmag]

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