ASUS Locked Their Transformer Prime Bootloader With 128-bit Encryption

ASUS has caught in a conflict with the Android modding community recently because the the community has found out that ASUS has properly encrypted their Transformer Prime tablet so no unofficial or unsigned ROMs could be installed.


This by far is the first case on a WiFi-only device to get such thing as encrypted bootloader. It’s a common case for Android 3G Smartphones because the carrier would like to protect their device from modification of 3G/4G radio signal on their network, but a WiFi-only device is certainly a waste of effort.

Of course, we are not sure what is ASUS’s intention, but it’s sure has set some ‘flames’ in the modding community. On a general usage, ASUS Transformer Prime is amazing. However, you won’t be able to tweak it further if you’ve got the skills.

More story: SlashGear and Engadget

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