Donut Plug Socket Concept Makes Plugging A Breeze

A concept that could help our life do not have to be an exceptional or amazing concept. The idea could be a very small one, but in fact it can have an extraordinary effect when implemented into our life, especially to the tools that we commonly use everyday.

There is an amazing helpful concept have been created ​​by some Korean people named: Suhyun Yoo, Jinwoo Kim and Chae Eunah called “Donut Plug Socket”, which will ease our life from searching for holes to plug in. 😉


This concept is actually pretty smart despite of its simple looking. I believed that you’ve had time where you are troubled when trying to plug prongs into the socket that is out of the reach or where we can’t actually see the the holes alignment properly.

You will need to guessing around, trying hard to plug the prongs into the hole where you can’t see them. However, with Donut Plug Socket, the only thing you need to know is where the outlet is. The black circle that you see on the concept picture above is actually the ‘hole’ that will allow you to plug the plug in any direction of your liking. Smart!


More Details: YankoDesign

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