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Sony Slashed Down Tablet S Price by $100 For 16GB Model

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Perhaps to celebrate the New Year eve, Sony is reported to cut down their tablet S price starting on the new year and you can get the 16GB model at a much cheaper price. According to our source, Sony has slashed down $100 from the original price of $499, so you can now get Sony Tablet S Android tablet for $399 only at Sony Store.

Aside from the New Year eve celebration, I personally believed that Sony has had a lot of pressure from the King, err I mean ASUS Transformer Prime pricing policy.

For a device with lower specification, it would be hard for Sony to compete with ASUS Transformer prime at the same price mark. Lowering down by $100 is certainly a nice move, because beside it’s become more affordable, people can start having a tablet that the holy Pope Benedict is using. ;)

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