LG Will Rock The CES 2012 With 4mm Thick 55-inch OLED TV and Largest 3D UDTV

LG has prepared themselves to be a manufacturer that focus on producing large-sized display in 2012 and they’ve readied two rocking display units to show off in this year’s CES exhibition. According to the information, LG will show off their super sleek and thin 4mm 55-inch OLED TV that suppose to be the best display with LG’s special technology called 4-Color pixel and Color Refiner Technology to increase the accuracy in color matching and claims to beat other OLED TV’s inconsistent color gamut.


Another display unit that LG will show off is the world’s largest 3D UDTV (Ultra Definition TV). It has the screen size of 84-inch with 3840 x 2160 resolution. Inside the display, there are 8-million of pixels which offering up to 4 times clarity of a normal full HD display.


It also coming with 3D Depth control that you can either turn it on of off similar with Nintendo 3DS 3D slider. This 3D UDTV is also capable of converting 2D movies into 3D version and it’s accompanied with 3D sound zooming technology to enhance the overall experience. Sadly, you are still required to wear the dorky passive 3D glasses in order to witness the magic.

As these stuffs are the new boys on the block, LG haven’t announced the pricing and availability date yet.

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