Evergreen Bluetooth Keyboard (DK-9201BT) With Cross Platform Compatibility

Evergreen from Japan has released an interesting bluetooth keyboard that could be used on most Bluetooth-enabled devices such as iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Android Devices/tablets, Consoles (PS3, Xbox 360) and PC/laptop.


The keyboard itself is pretty clean and straight forward. It has a white color base with clear black alphabets imprinted. It’s coming complete with a FN (function) key to switch between mode, and there is a touch pad mouse too with left click and right click function (combine with function key).

This Evergreen Bluetooth Keyboard is also known as DK-9201BT if you want to be techie, but you can only get them in Japan for the moment. One drawback it has is the mouse operation is not available for both iPhone and iPad. It’s just for typing if you are planning to pair it with your iOS device.

Evergreen Bluetooth keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries and it could be shut off when not in use using the rear on/off slider. Price wise, Evergreen DK-9201BT bluetooth keyboard is avialable for 4,999 Yen or about $51 USD.

[via Donya]

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