SolarKindle – Turning Kindle Ebook Reader Into A Solar e-Reader

There is no need to have much worry about battery life on a Kindle, but in case you want to bring it out for the camping somewhere, this type of accessory for Kindle might be quite helpful.


It’s the SolarKindle, an accessory that will gives your Amazon Kindle reader a new ability of recharging via sun light. It’s also claimed as the first solar-powered e-reader cover with flexible high performance solar panel to quickly recharge your dying Kindle.

Another benefit that you can enjoy is the built-in LED reading lamp and dual-charging (USB / solar) reserve battery. The LED lamp could shine continuously for 50 hours without using Kindle’s internal battery. It will pull power from the reserve battery that could be charged by exposing to the bright light.

This SolarKindle is set to released later in January 15, 2012 for $79.99. It’s quite expensive when considering the Kindle is only $109 at Amazon.

If you are attending CES 2012, you can also get more details in the exhibition.

[via Solar Mio]

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