Wi-Spi Intruder and Helicopter: Surveillance Camera RC Vehicles

Interactive Toy is introducing new spy gadget that is using RC toy as the ‘mask’ to fool people. InteractiveToy called it as Wi-Spi, and there are two type of Wi-Spi – The Wi-Spi Intruder and Wi-Spi Helicopter.


The name is pretty self-explanatory, Wi-Spi Helicopter is a surveillance camera that uses RC Helicopter while Wi-Spi Intruder is a sport car RC.

The spy system can both do video recording and audio recording, expect the helicopter version that can’t record audio but can take aerial snapshots to cover up its weakness.

Both models have the capability to upload the recorded result directly into Facebook, Youtube, or send them to your email address.


Sounds like even children can break your privacy now. It’s kind of dangerous, but if you are not doing naughty stuffs in the open space, you’ll have no worry about them at all. :)

Both models are set to release in Fall 2012 for $99.99 (Wi-Spi Intruder) and $119.99 (Wi-Spi Helicopter).

[via SlashGear]

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