Calm Trees S iPad Stand – Stand Made With Natural Wood

I’m not sure if it’s really calming, but the creator claimed that using this Calm Trees S iPad stand will give you some sort of calming effect, if you are a wood-lover.


This is a new iPad 2 stand designed by Tonerico Inc. Calm Trees S iPad stand is made with “one hundred thousand and four cypress” according to the translation, which sounds like something incredible (but I’m not really sure about it).

The stand will allow iPad 2 to stand at 73-degree and 69-degree, horizontally only. You will not want to put it on portrait mode as it might crack your iPad’s edge screen.

Also, it could be used on an iPhone 4 with case which it could stand on 75-degree viewing angle.

Although it’s not described on the page, it seems every piece of the stand is unique with different shape and dimension.


This Calm Trees S iPad Stand is available for 3,400 Yen or equal to $44 USD.

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