Pig Buddies – Cheer Up Your Desktop With Breast-Feeding Pig USB Hub And Flash Drive

I’m absolutely agree on idea saying that our computer desk is too boring and fully stuff with lifeless form of devices (mouse, speaker, flash drive, smartphone, etc.) Although there is nothing wrong with it, but decor it up with something cute or fun is pretty useful to release stresses while on the work space.

Here, a clever twist of design of USB Hub and Flash drive by WePlayGod that resemble a happy mother pig (USB Hub) and three little pigs (USB flash drive) with retractable USB connector.


The mother is in the position of ready to breastfeed her children, and the children have an open mouth ready to taste the love of their mother.


This Pig Buddies is a concept design at the moment, but I would like to see them appear in the market. However, I guess I will not need another USB 2.0 Hub anymore. It would be great if WePlayGod could make it as the modern breastfeeding mom that support USB 3.0 superspeed standard, while the kids are flash drives with USB 3.0 standard, instead of the old USB 2.0 interface.

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