Microsoft Xbox 360 – Still The US Top Selling Console In 2011


It seems Sony haven’t got the chance to beat Microsoft in term of selling the most console in 2011. Microsoft is still winning the match last year thanks to the never-ending supplies of exclusive title and Kinect games.

It sounds pretty amazing as Xbox 360 has been in the market for years and we can considered it as the “old gramps” in the console market. However, this guy is still alive and kickin’!

According to the statistic, Microsoft Xbox 360 is still outselling Sony Playstation 3 by over 2.7 million units, and it has successfully caught more than 49% of consumer retail spending in game market.

Even until now, Xbox 360 is still selling hot in the United States. According to VGChartz, Last week Microsoft has sold over 119,000+ Xbox 360, leaving Sony behind the third rank at 87,404. Surprisingly, 3DS sales is getting higher this year, and Wii has slowly getting out from the top position.

It’s would be interesting to see who’s going to be the leader in 2012, and I’m also hoping that Microsoft will have something new to be announced in this year E3 expo (like Xbox 720 or new gen of Xbox would be cool). :)

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