SteelSeries Ion Wireless Game Controller Is Both Slim And Sexy

Be cherished, mobile gamers. If you’ve been searching for a wireless controller for your mobile gaming purpose (gaming on smartphones or tablet), here is your stuff.


SteelSeries has just unveiled a new bluetooth gamepad that is not only sexy looking, it also pretty slim that you can slip it into your pocket.

They called it SteelSeries ION, a slim gamepad that measuring at just 108mm x 55.5mm x 18mm. This bluetooth gamepad is not only works on smartphones and tablets, but it also usable on PC games. As you can see from the picture, there are a D-Pad, 2 rumbles, 2 triggers, 4 buttons layout that you can remap the keys to different in-game functions.

SteelSeries ION game controller is working great for 20 hours per charge, but no idea how long it would take to fully recharge the controller. It might be a great controller if it’s only requiring 1 to 2 hours to fully recharge.

No idea what is the pricing yet because SteelSeries haven’t announced the details. But you can expect to get this controller around the Q3 of 2012. It’s a long wait…

[SteelSeries ION Controller]

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