SpareOne: Emergency Phone With 15 Years Battery Life On A Single AA Battery

Emergency Phone with a long battery life is very important. Not only it could last long where you can rely on it on special condition, it can also save your money on replacing the battery.

SpareOne is a new cell phone, or to be exact, an emergency phone that serves one purpose only – to make calls! It doesn’t have fancy touchscreen or running apps. It’s a very basic barebone phone that could make phone calls in emergency situation. When most of your super sleek, smart ass modern phone has died from empty juice, this guy (SpareOne) will still stand still ready to help you out.


The most amazing thing on SpareOne is that it only require one AA battery and it’s good to go for 15 years. SpareOne is accepting any GSM SIM or microSIM card, so it’s good to go in any GSM network in your area.

One thing that need to be clear is that, the 15 years battery life is the standby time, not the actual talk time. I don’t quite believe it could reach 15 years, and I don’t believe people would want to test it out for 15 years either, but if it could get as far as 10 years or so, it’s still an amazing phone.

Also, Since it’s an emergency phone, Xpal Power – the creator of this gadget has squeezed in a LED flashlight at the top of the phone.

Based on what Engadget has reported, this SpareOne will cost you $50 + one AA battery that is supposed to be free.

UPDATE: SpareOne emergency GSM phone is now available at Amazon.

[via Engadget]

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