HzO to Provides Waterproof Functionality For Every Mobile Devices In The Future

Water is always the best enemy to any electronic device ever created. Even the most popular gadget such as iPhone or iPad is their best food to crunch. However, the situation will be switching 180-degree in few years later as HzO is going to released their new thin film nano-coating system called Waterblock technology to provide waterproof protection to any electronic devices.


Which mean in the future, if you found your phone dropped into the pool or bathtub, it won’t be rendered as useless because HzO waterblock technology will block any liquid from entering the critical part of the phone.

According to HzO, their thin film nano-coating is clear and near invisible, which make sure it won’t have any effect or disturbance to the phone/device design and structure.

What’s amazing is that, HzO waterblock technology will be implemented directly from the Manufacturer, so you don’t really know what’s in there when you purchase your new shiny gadget. All you’ll know is that the device is waterproof up to a certain depth.

The only downside is that, since it’s a new technology, you won’t be getting them any sooner. It might takes years before you can get some sort of waterproof tablet or smartphones that come by default, unless it’s a special edition.

[via Coolest Gadgets][HzOme]

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