Skybar Wine Chill Drops, Because Chilling Wine With Ice Cube Is So Old School

Do you still use ice cube to chill your drink/wine? If so, you should try this cool and fast chiller from William Sonama – the Skybar Wine Chill Drops.


This is practically the same thing as Whiskey Stones from Thinkgeek, but this one is a bit better and stylish. It’s shaping like a smoking pipe without hole. The base is solid stainless steel that would act as the ice, once you pre-chilled it in the fridge, you can use it for chilling beverage in just a few minutes. What’s great is that you won’t spoil the taste like ice cube do because no extra water will be added to your beverage or wine.

Need to chill wine in a hurry? The skybar Wine Chill Drops cool a single glass of wine to its ideal serving temperature up to 20 times faster than your refrigerator can chill a full bottle. Simply place the pre-chilled stainless-steel drop in your glass – in just minutes, your wine is ready to enjoy.

  • A fast, easy way to chill a glass of wine.
  • Pre-chill in the freezer for at least 3 hours prior to use.
  • Fits wineglasses and most Champagne flutes.
  • Convenient holders protect tabletops and other surfaces from moisture.
  • Set includes two Wine Chill Drops and two holders.

Want to get one? This Skybar Wine Chill Drops is only $39.95 at William Sonama.

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