Recorder Pen Concept – A High-end Pen For Future Students

There is a new concept from YankoDesign that looks pretty cool. It’s a pen technology, where make turning your scribes into digital version as easy as possible. The pen concept is called “Recorder Pen“, according to the designer, the pen will have a handful of interesting features. What the designer have revealed is the built-in laser locator, it has processor and a USB flash drive as well at the other side of the pen where you can remove it easily to transfer the digital version of your scribes into your PC.


It also capable of connecting to your system (or smartphones) via bluetooth connectivity. Which mean it might be able to work with your tablet as well when a proper app have been created for it.


Sadly, no news about when this concept will hit the production stage. For now, you could actually enjoy similar smart pen like LiveScribe Pulse Pen or Wacom Inkling Pen, minus the cool laser locator and easy-to-remove USB flash drive.

[via TechFresh][YankoDesign]

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