Focus Designs’ SBU – The Self Balancing Unicycle Version 2.0 Released

Who said that riding an unicycle has a hard learning curve? No, it won’t be the same anymore as Focus Designs has come up with a better design of their SBU. That term is not Small Butt Unicycle. There is no discrimination here. It’s stand for Self-Balancing Unicycle – and it’s already on its 2nd version right now.


The Version 2 of SBU is now coming with a better sensors, equipped with 1000 watt motor that could provides up to 10 mph of travel speed for 12 miles per charge. In fact, it has come with seven sensors, gyros, accelerometers to monitor the balancing of the unicycle, the data is transmitted to a processor where the calculations are made. After processed, the data will be sent directly to the hub-mounted motor and it will self adjust to either speed up or slow down to maintain the axial balance.

You can fully recharge this unicycle in 2 hours, and it could travel about 20km. Sadly, once the battery run out, this unicycle is practically a useless as you can’t pedal it like the ordinary unicycle. But Focus Design is also offering an extra battery if you are willing to pay for it to cover extra miles.

As for the price factor, you are going to spend $1499 for one unit of SBU. Plus, the extra battery would cost you a little over $275 at their Shopping page.

[via Gizmag]

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