Targus Dual Port HD USB 3.0 External Graphic Card Expands Your Laptop Capability Enormously

If you are the lucky one to stuck with a USB 3.0 enabled laptop, you’ll get the chance the expand the video capability with Targus latest gadget. The Dual Port HD USB 3.0 external graphic card will allow you to play with three external HD monitors by adding two more video ports (one DVI and one HDMI) to your laptop, assuming your laptop have got the usual HDMI output port.


The Targus Dual Port HD USB 3.0 external graphic card is turning one USB 3.0 port into two video outputs with resolution up to 2048 x 1152 (super HD) for each display, with the help of DisplayLink DL-3900 chip inside the blackbox.

Even better, thanks to DisplayLink chip, the HDMI output also support up to six-channel surround sound system, and HDCP features for blu-ray video playback.

This Targus USB 3.0 Super Speed Dual video Adapter is going to be available soon for $99.99 with one-year limited warranty from Targus.

[via SlashGear][Targus]

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