Folding Bike Helmet – Now You Can Fit It Into Your Bag Easily

Getting tired of your usual stiff bike helmet or design? Well, soon you will be able to get this new bike helmet that could be folded to compress the size smaller that you can easily store it on your bag. They called it Overrade a folding bike helmet designed by French Studio Agency 360 (Patrick Jouffret and Philippe Arrouart) in 2010.


Unlike any crappy designed folding bike helmet, this Overade is actually pretty cool either in the folded or unfolded position. The design has also accommodated breathing holes so you won’t stuck your head with smelly sweat scent all the time.

Even it’s not stated on the source, I guess this Overade will be available in various kind of colors. The most obvious example is on the image above: The Red and black color. It would be great if It has both green and blue color as well.



As for the availability, Overade foldable bike helmet is going into the production later in this year, and you’ll be able to get them later in this year as well.

Sadly, no pricing detail offered by the manufacturer yet. I will post more about it when more information has been released.

[via Gizmodo][Agency 360][image: DesignBoom]

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