RCSuperHero – The Flying Human RC Airplanes

If someone without the proper knowledge who happened to be the biggest fans of “Heroes“, this poor guy is going to think that the genetic alteration is a real stuff after seeing these guys flying around.


Well, it’s actually not a real human. They are alike, but it’s actually a plain RC airplane with human design. Dubbed as RCSuperHero, it’s a 78-inches large flying toy that weighing in 3.3 pounds which will fool people into thinking that a new age superhuman has been born to this world and it’s currently flying in the sky doing their daily patrol.

No idea if it will make people hallucinating or not, but it’s certainly an interesting toy to play with. According to DVICE, you can actually purchase the kit to make your own flying human. It will cost your $345 for the RCSuperHero kit, add several bucks more for the PDF guides if you wish to master the toy.

Check out the following video for the test out near the bridge in New York city:


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