BioLite CampStove For Campers: More Source Of Energy To Charge Your iPhone

Love camping in the wild? Here is a new handy gadget that you might want to check it out. It’s called the BioLite CampStove, a portable stove that come with an unique heat-activated charging solution that you can use it for either lighting up your surrounding with USB LED light or charging your smartphone.


“Open wood fires are inefficient, wasting potential energy and creating toxic smoke due to incomplete combustion. Carefully designed stoves that use fans to blow air into the fire can dramatically improve combustion. However, such stoves require small amounts of electricity to power their fans and most people who cook on wood are without grid or battery access.

BioLite stoves solve this problem by converting a fraction of the fire’s thermal energy into electricity to power our combustion improvement system. Excess electricity is made available to users for charging small electronic devices such as mobile phones, LED lights, GPS and many others.”

BioLite Stove require no fuel at all but twigs that you can find it on the road or beneath the trees. Because it can charge your gadgets, you can also boil water, cook egg, noodles or anything else by using the fire on top of the BioLite. It also capable of burns pine cones, pellets and other biomass if no twigs available.

Here is the photo taken from the official site:


The price for this BioLite CampStove is $129, coming in this Camping season. But you can reserve it now if you are interested.

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