Logitec Unveiling LDT-1Si01 One-Seg iOS TV Tuner

Logitec from Japan is adding a new interesting gadget for iOS owners, preferably the owner of iPad and iPhone.

They’ve announced the LDT-1Si01, a one-seg iOS TV tuner that is capable of turning your iPad or iPhone into a portable TV!


Logitec LDT-1Si01 iOS Tuner is a small device that will attach to the 30-pin port of your iPad or iPhone, and there is a long extendable antenna that you can use it to enhance the signal quality. The TV Tuner itself is quite handy, as it is not only capable of tuning your local TV channels, it also come with a capability to enable subtitles and even record the live show into your iPad with a help from a special iOS app.


Logitec LDT-1Si01 iOS TV Tuner is going to hit Japan later in this month for the price of 7,980 Yen or equal to $103 USD. No idea though, whether it will hit the US market. Perhaps GeekStuff4U will import it for us when it’s been available in Japan.

[via GeekyGadgets]

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