Amazon Slaps Apple iPad With Their New Kindle Video Advertisement


Yes, it’s a big slap as iPad is really getting oldie when facing Kindle and Kindle Fire. I’m sure people has started to see the down turning trend of Apple iPad and if Apple still quiet about their iPad 3, they are going to be eaten by their competitors. The all new Kindle is selling at the cheapo price – the mom in the video said that “Together they are still less than THAT“. Oh I want to laugh on how the reaction of the man. :)

Well, can’t blame anyone anyway. It’s really the matter of choice. But I would really want to get an iPad that could read clearly below the sunlight, watch movie with flash support and have months of battery life. So Apple, work your way to this goal if you are going to keep your customer from running away. :)

[via DigitalTrends and GeekyGadgets]

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