Andru: Android Robot USB Charger

Wanna have a cute USB charger to rejuice your smartphone or tablet? Check out this new Andru – the mini green Android Robot USB cell phone charger that taking the shape of the super popular Google Android mascot.


No idea if it’s a license one, the Android has its top skull opened for the USB connection, and the feet was modified to be a plug head where you can plug it into the power outlet.


Furthermore, there are some other interesting features, such as:

  • His might arms are moveable, and the antenna is flexible
  • Check out his eyes – They will light up! Blue means charging, White means Standby
  • The entire body is made with soft matte finish
  • Coming with its own cable and stand, and it’s pretty small at 2.5-inch tall, you can bring it anywhere in your travel bag without much hassle.

Pretty interesting, if you are interested to own one, you can buy it for $25 at PowerByGen.

[via TechFresh]

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