Scalado Remove: Smartphone App That Could Remove Unwanted Stuffs In Your Photos!

The latest app (which should be made for Android OS) from photo tech firm Scalado has an unique ability for user when taking photograph. The app is called “Remove”, which has the objective to remove any annoying objects from the photos except the stuff you want to take. For example, you can remove peoples, statue, animal or any other moving object from the photo that you want to take.


This technology is actually achieved by utilizing multiple frames of photo to remove the unwanted object. Remove has been called as the world’s first optical removal software as no other software is capable of doing so.

When taking photograph, all you have to do is to enter to the Remove mode, and tap on the object in the screen that you want to remove and it will disappear instantly. Check out the following video for more details:

You can find more details at Scalado official site.

[via TechChee]

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