Samsung Display: New Child Company That Focus On LCD Production

There is a new rumor circulation in the tech world right now stating that Samsung is going to spin off their LCD business from their parent company to their child company – the Samsung Display. This company is completely separated from the parent company, and Samsung will allocate $667.3 million dollars as the main working capital of this new company.


According to the data we’ve collected, Samsung LCD business is not as profitable as their other areas of their company. Also, Samsung has been focusing on OLED display at the moment, they might start to lower down their LCD production in the next few years and finally will close down their production. It’s a nice move as people in the tech world are not going to look back once they’ve got something more advanced in technology. It’s just like the switching era of CRT to LCD, LCD is have a slow walk to its death like CRT and OLED/Super AMOLED will be the next gen to hope for.


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