Cute 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub From Green House

I still find myself in a confuse state whenever I heard a company still releasing an USB 2.0 hub. With the world storming to the USB 3.0 standard, wouldn’t it better for everyone to release a USB 3.0 Hub instead? Hopefully they’ve got their own strategy, but personally, I won’t get another USB 2.0 hub as I’ve got too many of it already.


Green House from Japan is thinking exactly the opposite of my mindset. They’ve just released a new USB 2.0 hub that looks quite unique. In fact, it’s pretty cute with the shape of a pea pod with four segment. Each section host one USB 2.0 port, which mean you can plug in 4 USB devices to this USB hub.


However, despite of its cute look, it still offering the same specification and transfer speed, such as the 480Mbps interface, supporting Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X10.4 or above.

Well, nothing special except the design. If you want to have it, you can find it on Japanese tech store on March 2012 for about 1,470 Yen, which is equal to $18 USD. If you are not in Japan, hopefully GeekStuff4U will import it for us.

[via GreenHouse]

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