Bladeless Personal Fans Invades The Desk

Over at Hammacher, they’ve stocked an unique bladeless personal fan which looks pretty unique, like a dyson fan. However, it’s not circular shape like dyson’s model. It’s a bit like the pear-shape, and it has a chubby body beneath the hollow face.


According to the specification list, this bladeless fan is using built-in turbine on the lower section of the fan, which will draw air into, increase its velocity, and blast it out via the thin slot on the inner side of the hollow face.

This Bladeless Personal Fan is said to be able to produce about 500 feet-per-minute breezes from 2 feet away.

If you are interested, this Bladeless Personal Fan is available for $79.95 at Hammacher. It’s definitely a cheaper alternative to Dyson fan at Amazon.

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