Tokyoflash LCD Stencil Watch – The Fifth Design From The Company

Tokyoflash is one of the watch maker that often make me scratch my head. They are brilliant, but most of their watches are strange (but futuristic) and hard to read. Most people says that Tokyoflash watch is suitable for Geeks only, but I guess if you are the curious type, their watch could be a great stuff for your lifestyle. They’ve been long in designing weird and alien-tech watch and I never count how many design they’ve managed to turn into a reality. Not until their latest video promo on their newest watch design – the LCD Stencil watch.


The video said that Tokyoflash LCD Stencil watch is their fifth design from their fans that become reality. I thought it was more, but five designs is really awesome anyway. If you’ve got your own idea, you can submit to Tokyoflash. No one will know if your design will be accepted and turn into a reality, too!

Nuff chat, let’s get to see what this fifth design is all about. Tokyoflash LCD stencil watch is new hard-to-read watch that features big always-on LCD panel, stainless steel frame and leather strap. The LCD display will show you the time by using a four blocks of arrangement, starting from the top left, top right for hours and go down to lower left and lower right for minutes. How to read the watch when all the see are bunch of straight line? Well, according to Tokyoflash explanation:

At first the display appears to be a pictograph of lines and dots, however, if you look at the background, you can clearly see the digital time: hours in the upper half of the screen, minutes in the lower half of the screen shown in negative space. A clever idea that plays tricks with the mind, but is easy to read once you know how.

I’m kind of confused for a second, but I’ve figured it out after looking at some examples of the time reading for this watch:



Also check out the following promo video for this watch:

Well, if you need more information, jump over to Tokyoflash official site. Bunch images and specification listed there.

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