Tokyoflash Spiral Watch Concept Design

Talking about weird watch, the first brand to call is Tokyoflash. They’ve been meddling in this weird watch business for long and they are very successful. We have seen a lot of their collection, most of them are cool looking but also one of the hardest to read watch. Of course, their creation will not stop right there. Beside from their own designer, they also accepted watch concept design from their fans. There are 5 concepts from fans which have been turned into a reality. Now, another interesting concept from fans has been submitted to Tokyoflash, and I can see a big possibility for this watch to be another one that will be turned into a reality.


This concept is called the “Spiral watch”, designed by Ignacio from Spain. The watch has a fun face design where you can see a thread like spiral from outer to the inner side of the watch. According to the designer, this Spiral watch could be read by following the numbers on the spiral and the white marking on within the black spiral. The solid white mark tells your the hours, while the double fine mark tells you the minutes.

Here are some of the example of the time reading:



Pretty interesting, I hope it could become a reality soon!


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