Warpia StreamEZ: Wireless HDMI Streaming Made Easy

Since the introduction of wireless technology, everything has slowly walking down to the path of creating electronic or gadget that could do wireless activities or connections. We have seen how it first introduced into the desktop environment, where we can use our mouse and keyboard wirelessly. Now, even more stuffs has going wireless, such as you can find a wireless VGA, HDMI, LAN, and more. Wireless technology has really enhanced how human live their life. No more messy cords to take care of and no more cable length limitation.


The latest gadget that has gone wireless is the StreamEZ from Warpia. Warpia StreamEZ is a gadget for connecting your home media entertainment system with your blu-ray or laptop/PC, even they are in a different room. You’ve no need to bring your laptop to your HDTV in order to play the movie you want to watch, or songs you want to listen.

Warpia StreamEZ is coming with a full 1080p resolution support, as well as 30ft of wireless range from the receiver. It also compatible with HDCP streaming, 5.1 surround sound (48kHz 24-bit) and the beauty of all is that the StreamEZ require no driver for it to work.

Warpia StreamEZ wireless HDMI streamer (SWP700) is going on sale tomorrow for $219.99.

[Source: UberGizmo]

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