Rumor: Xbox Durango – Next Gen Xbox Console?

We have heard something interesting last few days about the next gen of Xbox console. It’s believed that the codename will be Durango, but the final name is not yet revealed, just like the Project Natal for Kinect hardware. The source of this rumor is from Sean Tracy, one of Crytek Technical Designer. He tweeted that they are enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. But not giving anymore details about what they are talking about in the summit.


Sadly, the tweet has been removed, and you’ve no way to figure out if it’s real or fake for now. But there have been a rumor about the appearance of the next gen of Xbox in this year’s E3, so it might not something you can call a fake after all. Well, Microsoft is not giving any comment on this rumor yet, but I’m sure this year will be fun with the New iPad 3, new console (Vita, for example) and bunch more products with Tegra 3 technology.

Since Sony (Microsoft’s largest competitor) just launched their Vita with more than 50 million dollars allocated for the promotion, I believe they will not announced the Playstation 4 this year.

[via TechFever]

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