Angry Birds Going Into The Space (and the Pigs)!

Rovio is very creative in twisting the battlefield for the Birds and Pigs in Angry Birds game. If you are a fans of this game, you might have grown tired of the static battle ground on the land and might want something new on the new sequel. Well, if you are hoping so, the Angry Birds Space is the answer for you.

Rovio is releasing a new sequel of Angry Birds in this March 22nd called Angry Birds Space. Unlike all the previous version, the game will bring you to the space battlefield, where you are now actually playing with the galactic gravity!


What’s funny is that the pigs are wearing transparent oxygen helmet, while the birds are immortal without the necessity to breath at all (no oxygen helmet at all…). But apart from that, This Angry Birds Space is actually pretty fun to play with. You can check out the following trailer movie for more details:

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