Teclast P85 Android Tablet With ARM Cortex-A10 Many Core CPU

China is really the place to look for something cool and cheap. Most of their tablet computers are extremely cheap and filled with bunch of features, and their quality is growing rapidly thorough years of trial and errors. Yes, their first wave of production were craps, even they can clone everything with the exact looking, the quality is horrible. However, nowadays Made-in-China products are getting better each year.

Teclast is one of the superior company in China whose have a bunch of interesting tablet offerings. Recently, after releasing their tablet that could match iPad 2 (the Teclast A10t), they’ve unveiled yet another interesting tablet for Chinese market codenamed as “Teclast P85“.


This Teclast P85 is a new 8-inch tablet powered by the renowned many core CPU – the ARM Cortex-A10 and Mali-400 CPU. It also coming with a high standard of 1GB DDR3 RAM, front facing camera, expandable capacity with microSD card, impressive 2160p SuperHD video playback support, and many more.

To make sure the users of Teclast tablets are not left behind by the technology, Teclast has pre-installed P85 with the latest Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Since it’s using the latest OS from Google, this tablet is extremely powerful and amazing for any task you have in hand. It also support full Flash web browsing as it’s compatible with Adobe Flash 11.0 support. You can connect this tablet to the Internet via WiFi or 3G via a 3G module.

Like usual, Teclast tablet is very cheap when you make a comparison with most branded tablets. For just 799 Yuan or about US$127, you can bring back this tablet. For more details on this Teclast P85 tablet, visit their Chinese website. Try this translated page if you have difficulty with Mandarin.

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