Back To The Future Flying DeLorean Quadrotor Remote Control

Future car can fly, I’m sure of it because It’s not something impossible anymore if the technology keeps developing fiercely. I believe you’ve heard about a DIY quadrotor machine which can rise to the sky like a helicopter. A Russian modder has finally created a flying car using the popular Back to the Future DeLorean car as the body, and Quadrotor as the main engine to push the car flying in the air.


Check out the following video for more details:

It’s very interesting as it’s using a bright LED lighting on the wheels and on the Flux capacity at the rear side of the car. It’s very amazing when the creator took it for a fly at night.

Sadly, the creator of this flying car is not giving any details of how he created this car. But he did mentioned the components he used on this car:

  • Stabilization MultiWii
  • HobbyKing 12A BlueSeries Speed Controller
  • a batch of Turnigy 2204-14T motors for the engines
  • Lithium battery
  • The only downside is that the car will not be able to run on the road as the “wheels” are not wheels at all. It won’t convert from a wheel into quadrotor (or vise versa) yet. However, it’s a good start and might be a good blueprint to create a real flying car. :)

    [via TechnaBob]

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