Photoshop Shortcut Decal Stickers For The Noobs

If you are a designer who’ve just starting out to learn Photoshop application by Adobe, you might need this helpful keyboard decal stickers. Merchant at Etsy has just put their new Photoshop Shortcut Decal stickers on sale in their store, which was made exclusively for noobs or newbies to help them mastering Photoshop shortcut using keyboards. Sure, you can always use your mouse to access to any tools or options, but by using shortcuts, you can actually cut down the time and increasing your productivity.


The Photoshop Shortcut Decal stickers are coming in a pack for Macbook laptop. The decals are properly color coded, including the icons and tooltips. The decals are made with transparent vinyl MPI material from Avery Graphics that guarantees no residue within 3-5 years of outdoor life.

This decal set is available for $15.99. If you want to get more details about them, go to Etsy.

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