QisDesign BE Light LED Desk Lamp


Here is an interesting desk lamp design by QisDesign. They call it BE light, a new concept of LED desk lamp that is very thin, yet capable of extending to the height of 33.4cm, or fold flat to the desk at 1.8cm only. Thanks to the clever hinges design, this desk lamp could provide a 135 degree of illumination that you can adjust to your will. BE Light LED Desk lamp is made of aluminum alloy, lightweight but sturdy in most case. Also, its light guide technology will be able to distribute the LED light fairly on the spot to provide soft lighting for night reading, and the light brightness could be controlled at will.


The art of folding a flat sheet of paper into a sculptural three dimensional form, has for centuries fascinated people with its sophisticated precision and simplicity. Inspired by this traditional art form, the BE Light itself becomes a sculptural three dimensional work of art. Instead of using traditional paper, the Be Light makes use of metal, lending it a permanence. When not extended, it has a flat, modern, yet understated appearance. The carefully engineered light, when extended, becomes adjustable thanks to an arm that can easily be stretched open as if it were a folded piece of paper. The counterweight design enables the arm to stand firm and steady, instilling a sense of tranquility and simplicity into this motional feature.

Sadly, It’s only capable of providing light source if you plug it onto the power outlet. It would be better if it can be powered by battery so that we can maneuver it around freely. Check out the following video for more details of this beautiful desk lamp:

[via QisDesign]

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