Slanda Pen: Interesting Pen That Will Stand on 45-Degree By Itself


Slanda Pen is one of the weird stuff we have seen on this month. Although it’s pretty cool, the concept for a “standing pen” sounds pretty twisted. But I do like the idea of a pen that won’t roll away on a slanted desk. Yes, beside it is capable of standing on 45-degree, Slanda Pen will never roll away, unless you knock it intentionally. Slanda Pen is designed by Gustav Widström and Marcus Heneen, where they explained:

“Slända is an invitation and a reminder for people to investigate their beliefs, as they may not always be true. It’s named after a flying insect that has a unique ability to shift directions within a split second – just like your mind. But it can also hover without moving a millimetre, allowing it to focus despite turbulent surroundings. Our hope is that Slända will inspire you
to investigate your world in ways that are new for you. It is our contribution to the magic and powerful world of thinking.”


Though I’m not really interested in magical stuffs, this Slanda Pen looks pretty like a interesting anyway. What make this Slanda pen stands out is the overweight steel zone at the tip of the pen, which allow it to stand diagonally. The base is heavier than the body, so it will automatically stand on the slanted base when you put it on the desk.

If you are interested, Slanda Pen is available right now for $30 at GustavInnovation website in black, orange, aquamarine and white color. More detailed information also available right there.

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