DodoCase Unveils New iPad 3 Cases

Case maker Dodocase is launching a series of new iPad 3 cases that looks quite groovy and colorful. The case will mask the iPad 3 into a book, and could probably fool people into thinking that you are taking a book instead of the hi-tech “resolutionary” iPad 3.


Drawing from the colors of our Essentials line, but adding a dramatic splash of color through the spine, our Spring / Summer 2012 line is for the bold and adventurous. Granite/Poppy, Meadow/Lake, Tahoe/Sunrise and Sandy/Earth express the myriad of different environments we experience as Californians. Matched with our eco-friendly bamboo tray, the DODOcollection offers you all the functionality of our classic cases, but with a whole lot of panache.


Like what DodoCase has suggested, these cases are made for the Spring and Summer season as they’ve featured bright and brave color selections. It certainly will turn your new iPad 3 into something less machine smell as it would disguise it as a book.

Available in four color-matching selections, each of this DodoCase will cost you $79.95. Interested? Head on over to Dodocase official site for more details.

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