Spider Computer: Cloud-Based Computing Device With Virtual Keyboard And Projected Screen

Dreaming of living in the cloud? Nope, it’s not something you can achieve unless you have Doraemon by your side. However, What I mean is the cloud server technology that would lift your offline storage burden and take ’em all to the cloud service online. Cloud computing has become quite popular and most big companies have started to use this service to store their data. What’s pretty sure that we, on the consumer level, could enjoy is the storage-less computing experience. You’ve no need to get a large desktop system or buy large storage to store your data. All you need to have is a fast broadband internet connection to hook your device on. Which means, the device on your side could be streamlined into a small device. The latest example of such kind of device was designed by Nikolaus Frank. His concept is called the “Spider computer”, which is pretty clever with the minimum form factor. Even better, this device is conceptualized to be able to double as a mobile phone when not in use for work!


Spider Computer is a looking like a mini telescope for the hunter’s sniper gun. It has three legs which you could easily fold it out to let it stand firmly on the desk. The head is installed with a mirror to reflect the projector screen to the desk or wall, while at the front side of it, there is a virtual infrared keyboard projector to be your input source.

In the Mobile phone mode, the Spider computer can be used for making calls, sending messages and there will be a circular LCD display with graphic interface. What’s pretty convenience is the portability. This device is very small and could be fitted into our pocket easily.


It sounds like a great cloud computer, but I’m not positive enough to see such a thing exist on the market. At least, not until the world could solve the limitation of internet connection and speed that allow people to get access to their files and life everywhere they are, as easy and as fast as possible.

[Via: YankoDesign]

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