Green Air Concept – Ask You To Take A Green Break Once For A While

Green Air Concept by Wang Yi Peng, Fan Xu and Zhu RB is something very helpful for us. Admit it, we often spend too long in front of our lifeless desktop computer or laptop when working, and sometimes we forget to take a rest once for a while. We are like a machine anyways, especially when deadline is drawing near! However, no matter how important the task in hand is, we have to take a rest regularly every 25 to 30 minutes of work. I’ve been using Pomodoro technique for a while and I love it. The problem is mostly I was using a kitchen timer for counting the time. With Green Air concept, I believe not only I can have a futuristic LED clock for counting my time, I’ll also get a “greener” desktop as Green Air is all about the green grass sprouting out from your monitor.


Green Air combine the nature with the technology. For a quick look, Green Air is resembling an indoor herd garden that you can put it on your desktop monitor. What’s interesting is that you have to fill the box with water in order for it to work. Without water, the plant will wither and the LED screen will not light up to remains you of the time.


It’s a little geeky, but I love the idea where I can plant green grass on top of my desktop’s monitor. It would be cool if they can also concept how the water sealer or protection so it won’t leak and damage the monitor. Also, it would be better if they could also implement some kind of alarm and time management system like Pomodoro technique to increase the productivity of its user.

[More Details: YankoDesign][via TechFever]

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