Call of Duty Elite App For iPad and Android Coming Soon

Noah Heller from Activasion has just revealed the details of “Call of Duty Elite” app that would be ported to both iPad and Android later in this year. According to him, the app will be truly native, could be customized and it will not be just a simple port. He also stated that:

new features that may or may not be available on launch, which could provide players with a Heat Map which could be viewed during game play. It has been brought up before, I can’t say anything about it but it has been brought up before”.


The application is currently under heavy development and will be released for Call of Duty Elite members who’ve own either iPad or Android tablet. The application was developed due to the realization of how popular their previous mobile application is. This new CoD elite app might also become one of the most wanted app for the fans who’ve owned a tablet system, where they can enrich their gaming experience.

Sadly, Noah Heller is not giving out any details on when you can download it and how much it will cost.

[Source: T3]

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